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Prairie Fire Unite - Peace

It's that time of year again, it's PRAIRIE FIRE and we're hosting so mark it down in your Calendars and come join us.....

Prayer & Fasting Twenty Twenty

Date: January 2-15, 2020 Location: 2410 Haultain Avenue, Saskatoon, SK. Event Cost: FREE Time: 7pm Nightly Description: 14 Days of Prayer of Fasting If you sense that ..

New Years Eve - Watch Night Service

Date: December 31, 2019 Location: 2410 Haultain Avenue, Saskatoon, SK. Event Cost: FREE Time: 10:30pm Description: You and your family are invited to come join us as we spend..


This Is A Move - Brandon Lake and Tasha Cobbs

| 03-Oct-2019

THURSDAY ENCOURAGEMENT: God is bigger than anything that can come against us. Welcome Him in. Open yourself to God's will and His timing. We don’t always get healing when or how we want it, but God is so sovereign and He knows what we need. We just have to trust, believe and be open. God is starting his move in you today be encouraged. ..

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The Task Set Before Us

Dear friends once again it's my joy to be able to come to you via our website and share some the highlights of our Sunday morning sermon notes. I ..

Get Back To That Place of Confidence in God

Sorry about the delay in the upload of this weeks Weekly Walk had a small set back everything is now back to normal if you can call anything in th..

Do Not Become So Busy You Forget Your Love Life With The Lord

Hey everyone this weekend was a great weekend with so much happening in our church, we concluded our VBS which we had upwards of 70 kids in attend..

How Can One Enter Into a Right Relationship with God

Romans 4:13-25 For over two thousand years the world over has wrestled with the idea of “what it is to be righteous and blessed” there..