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8 Night Conference - Let The Trumpets Sound!!

Our yearly Conference is around the corner and it's happening in a place near you. Come join us this year for an awesome Holy Ghost filled week.... ..

Sunday Service

If you don’t want to miss out on the main ingredient for the Christian Life then come join us every SUNDAY MORNING at 10:00 a.m. It's a time of life-changing worship and praise as well as a ti..

Wednesday Prayer Service

We currently have been meeting LIVE on Bridge Ministry International Facebook Page every Wednesday at 7:00pm. Come join us as we join our faith in prayer for our City, Nation, Community ..


Sunday Service - June 7, 2020

| 10-Sep-2020


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The Lord's Church

Mathew 16:16-18 The Lord has been gracious and kind to us as we continue our steadfastness toward the goal He has set for the Saskatoon Full Gospe..

Time Has Come for a Cutting Edge Church - Part 2

The axehead as I said in the first part of this lesson represents to us as believers the ability to get a job done without much stress. Like a tra..

Time Has Come for a Cutting Edge Church

As always its my joy to come to our weekly readers and regular partners who support the ministry and who are praying for us. I was pondering this ..

The Model Prayer - Part 2

Hi everyone hope you all had an awesome week and experienced the Love of a loving father who loves us ongoing. This week I wanted to try and put t..