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  • Positive Lessons From The Wedding in Cana of Galilee - Part 2

    Let me continue on from where we had stopped off last week talking about the wedding at Cana of Galilee that Jesus had attended. As discussed as you may already have ..

  • Positive Lessons From The Wedding in Cana of Galilee

    John 2:1-11 You may be familiar with this scripture as many of us are its the scripture about the wedding that took place in a place called Cana in Galilee. What we f..

  • The Lord's Church

    Mathew 16:16-18 The Lord has been gracious and kind to us as we continue our steadfastness toward the goal He has set for the Saskatoon Full Gospel Church. This week ..

  • Time Has Come for a Cutting Edge Church - Part 2

    The axehead as I said in the first part of this lesson represents to us as believers the ability to get a job done without much stress. Like a tradesman working with ..

  • Time Has Come for a Cutting Edge Church

    As always its my joy to come to our weekly readers and regular partners who support the ministry and who are praying for us. I was pondering this week gone by a thoug..

  • The Model Prayer - Part 2

    Hi everyone hope you all had an awesome week and experienced the Love of a loving father who loves us ongoing. This week I wanted to try and put two lessons up instea..

  • The Model Prayer

    My how time flies it has been such a joy to have this opportunity to be on our website and see how many of our regular readers are online. These last few sundays..

  • A Fresh Awareness of The Character of God

    Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank our viewers and readers who visit our site regularly to read our weekly walk. I had the privilege of sp..

  • Our Sins Are Covered and Forgiven

    I wanted to share with you some updates of what our church and ministry has been doing and will be doing onward as we take on the new year given to us. A new year is ..

  • Miracles, Signs and Wonders

    Let me apologize to our faithful readers I know its been several weeks since I last updated my site and I have a very good explanation. Coming into this year of 2013 ..