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  • What Have You Decided About Jesus

    What a joy friends to be back home in Canada after a long trip to South Africa to attend and officiate at my late friends sons wedding to one of our girls from our ho..

  • The Task Set Before Us

    Dear friends once again it's my joy to be able to come to you via our website and share some the highlights of our Sunday morning sermon notes. I called it “Wha..

  • Get Back To That Place of Confidence in God

    Sorry about the delay in the upload of this weeks Weekly Walk had a small set back everything is now back to normal if you can call anything in the church life normal..

  • Do Not Become So Busy You Forget Your Love Life With The Lord

    Hey everyone this weekend was a great weekend with so much happening in our church, we concluded our VBS which we had upwards of 70 kids in attendance. Our children&r..

  • How Can One Enter Into a Right Relationship with God

    Romans 4:13-25 For over two thousand years the world over has wrestled with the idea of “what it is to be righteous and blessed” there has been so much te..

  • The Power of Forgiveness - Part 4

    Mathew 6:14-15 One thing I would like to highlight as we bring this series to a close is the verses we have used as our text if we refuse to forgive then our heavenly..

  • The Power of Forgiveness - Part 3

    Greetings again to our regular followers on the website and the Weekly Walk want to thank you for your faithfulness and interests in our material and our church. This..

  • God Is With You

    Hey everyone things have been a bit of a challenge since returning from Honduras, S America but nevertheless its good to be back home in Canada. Also the privilege to..

  • Jesus, Our Kinsman Redeemer

    I will be away from my desk for the next two weeks and not sure if I will be able to access the internet to write my WEEKLY WALK IN THE WORD SO THIS WEEK I WILL ATTEM..

  • Mission Trip to Latin America

    Dear friends its good to be able to communicate back again especially with those of you our regular readers that look forward to the WEEKLY WALK IN THE WORD. As ..