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Be Filled With The Spirit - Part Four

Date: 26-Mar-2011 | Author: Apostle Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Red Wine | Picture credit to Dave Dugdale of Flicker

My dear friends what a weekend we had in the presence of God this Sunday 27th March it started with the Praise and Worship time in our morning service. There was this sense of and air of expectancy all over the faces of the believers gathered for corporate worship and from what I have learnt that seems to be the thing that God always rewards a heart of expectancy. 

This week we continued to uncover and peel off the next layer of the onion we could say in contemporary sayings. The scripture we have been focusing on was the Ephesian 5: 18 as our point of departure and then went on to discuss Ephesians 4:31 before finishing off part three I had said to our church that we need to be careful that we do not quench the Holy Spirit. So that is where we continued on from and developed the ideas that are found therein in the portions of scripture we highlighted earlier. We done a review of what happens when a person is filled with the holy Spirit how every area of that persons life is affected including family life as well as their church life. We further went on to review how being filled with the Holy Spirit is really to give complete and total control of our lives to the Holy Spirit which is something that is lacking today. For if we say we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us in the measure that we say then we should live in a perpetual state of victory. But if not then we should be challenging the idea that we are filled with the Holy Spirit as we have seen the Bible declares that we should have. 

The Bible has many accounts of when God was grieved by the actions of His people we find in Genesis 6:6 this account we find that God was grieved at the evil of His people. There are several other places we can find where the evil actions of His people it grieved the heart of God we see in the book of Ephesians 4:30.  Paul exhorts the church at Ephesus not to grieve the Holy Spirit. Another way we grieve the Holy Spirit is by taking Him into places of ill repute and places that do nothing for the spirit man but rather edifies the flesh. We cannot have clear clean fountain water flowing from the same source if we say we are filled with the Holy Spirit it should not be so. But sadly too many christians time and again find themselves out of the very mouth they bless God with come some not so tasteful words. 

The other thing Paul admonishes the church not do is not to Quench the Holy Spirit as found in the book of 1 Thessalonians 5:19. How do we quench the Holy Spirit by tuning Him out with entertainment that does not edify but rather leads to death of spiritual life. Also we have a way sometimes of just shutting Him out when He wants to give you an exhortation or a word of encouragement for someone we just ignore His promptings. As you read His word and you feel His presence and get a revelation of a particular scripture and it brings conviction to areas of your life you should respond and not resist the Holy Spirit conviction for when we do we are quenching the Holy Spirit. 

Lastly we should also learn how to Walk in the Spirit the Bible says if we do we will not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Why because when we yield to Lust it has a way of conceiving and when it has conceived it brings forth sin and when sin has matured it brings forth death( James 1;15) They that are lead of the Holy Spirit the same are the sons of God.  Romans 8:14.


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