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Be Filled With The Spirit - Part Three

Date: 21-Mar-2011 | Author: Apostle Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Red wine | Picture credit to Matthew Rogers of Flicker

This week we continued where we had left off with our teaching on the Holy Spirit and the need for our church as a Spirit Filled church to walk in the Spirit. Ephesians 5:18 says we are to filled with the spirit and not be drunk with wine for that is debauchery. The statement is found in what the English tell us is the Present Passive Imperative meaning its something that should be done on an ongoing basis and not only once in our lifetime its also a command and not a suggestion. 

The problem we find today is that many believers have not learnt to go from Blessing to Blessing or from Revelation to Revelation. Moving with the new found revelation requires a certain amount of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and also comes with tremendous rewards. In the book of John 1:29-37 3:30 I found a man who had such a sensitivity and courage to move with the spirit and to move out on God’s timing. The bible says that John the baptist was with some of the disciples that had followed him for some time we are not given exact timelines but it must have been long enough for him to speak to them the way he spoke to them. John tells them all about the one who would come after him would be the light and the messiah and that he was not the one but the one who he sees the Holy Spirit descending upon He it is who will baptize with the Holy Spirit. He further goes on to say that he is not worthy to tie the shoe or sandal latchets of the one who is coming. Then we see that when John recognizes Jesus and says behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and Jesus is wanting John to baptize Him. John makes the most amazing statement and says that he John must decrease so He Jesus may increase. 

I do not know about you but I would be feeling a lot of rejection if I had spent a considerable amount of time in a mentorship programme and then hear the man who is mentoring me telling me I must now follow this person who I have not seen before or had any relationship with before. But they agree to follow this new guy that John said was the Messiah and the lamb of God who would take away the sin of the world. It would take me firstly great courage and trust in the person who I had been mentored by and obedience to his instruction and direction. Its something today that is missing in our churches because so many have messed up in the past and have used the mentorship as a way to enslave people and manipulate people to do things that God has not said and that there is no scriptural evidence. 

Theres the question that Jesus asks of these men who left John to follow Him from that day forward ” what do you want” I believe that this question is asked today of us as well. Jesus asks the question not because He did not know what they wanted on the contrary Jesus knew exactly what they wanted but as always He wants us to use our mouths to speak because He is a speaking God. Apostle Paul said we have not because we ask not and when ask we often ask amiss because we ask so we can lavish it on our selfish needs( James 4:2). They even went and spent a day with Jesus, its amazing what one day with Jesus can do for a person who could be going one way and then go another way. Andrew was the one we read left John and went followed Jesus to the point that he went and brought Simon to follow that brought the confession from Andrew we have found the Messiah. 

The key in this scripture reference is to fact that Andrew had the courage to move with the new level and the revelation that was breaking forth on them. We often have a hard time moving from the known to the unknown because we are creatures of habit we get into routine and thats how we like things. Knowing our way about things makes us feel safe and secure whereas the unknown makes for an insecure feeling and feelings of frustration. 

We are to be like the sons of Issachar who understood their times and knew what to do about it ( 1 Chronicles 12:32) for we know as we look around the world a new thing is upon the church. ( Isaiah 43:18-19)Remember not the former things from the past for the lOrd will do and is doing a brand new thing in the earth can you not see it springing forth or can not perceive it. 

The tragedy for our churches today is that some will perceive t and know what to do like Andrew did and then there are other who will not perceive it and die in the last Revelation or last Blessing as I conclude this weeks Weekly Walk In The Word let me provoke you and challenge you to look around you and let the Holy Spirit lead you and please don’t die in your last Blessing or your last revelation. 



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