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Blind Faith

Date: 05-Dec-2019 | Author: Pastor's Norman & Jean | Comments: 0

In Mark 10: 46 - 52 we have the wonderful story of Blind Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus sat by the road out of Jericho begging and heard that Jesus was passing by. He cried out to get the attention of Jesus and would not be quietened by the crowd. As soon as Jesus called him Bartimaeus threw off his outer garment (which symbolized that he was a beggar) and came to Jesus. When Jesus asked him what he wanted he immediately asked for his sight and he received it right away.

So, what do we learn from this story? Firstly, Bartimaeus was determined, he shouted in a loud voice to get the lord’s attention (the word for "shout" in the Greek used here can also mean "scream"). He was also persistent, no one could shut him up. He was determined not to let his miracle pass him by. Jesus, in asking Bartimaeus what he wanted, challenged the blind man to make a specific request: “Lord, that I might receive my sight” (v 51). Jesus commended the faith of Bartimaeus and acknowledged that it was his faith that made him well (v 52). What a wonderful miracle, Bartimaeus received his sight but was also liberated from begging and given a new start to his life!

Jesus is still saying to us today, "what do you want me to do for you"? Make a specific request in faith. Believe God for your miracle today. Jesus is no respecter of persons; he will respond to you just as he did to blind Bartimaeus.


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