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BMI Kids Christmas Musical

Date: 10-Oct-2019 | Author: BMI Media | Comments: 0

Date: December 8, 2019

Location: 2410 Haultain Avenue, Saskatoon, SK.

Event Cost: FREE

Doors Open @ 530pm & starting time is at 6pm.


This year our BMI Kids Ministry will bring to you “Star Search Musical” during the most wonderful time of the year! Star Search Musical is based on Philippians 2:3-7...and a short summary about this musical is - the time has come for our Creator God to put His plan into motion, and the search for the Star of Bethlehem has begun. When a meteorite delivers a memo scroll announcing the search for a special star, most of the stars in the sky are too busy worrying about the competition to read the qualifications. Bob, the sweetest and most humble stars, shines his light big and bright, to welcome the promised Messiah. What an Illumination Celebration!



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