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Building Project

Date: 22-Oct-2013 | Author: Apostle Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Roadside construction site | Picture credit to Kyle May of Flickr

Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ this is a great day for me to greet you our readers and regular supporters. We have great news of the faithfulness of our God and king who loved us even before we loved Him and gave Himself for us. This last month we had our building demolished to make way for our new facility hopefully to be opened in 2014. 

We also have had to transition and most people see transition as a hard time but on the contrary its a great time to leave everything in the hands of the Lord. We are so blessed the Saskatoon Christian School has graciously allowed us to use their facility during our wait for our new building. The building project of our 117 condominiums continues at full speed. First phase of our project has gone remarkable well and the Lord has blessed our sales team over and over. Sometimes the unconventional ways are better than the obvious as we have found with the sales of our condominiums. 

Its so good to serve the Lord and its probably the most adventurous life I can think of in this world. As we move forward toward the next step of our lives here in Saskatoon the excitement is building as we see the hand of the Lord on the people and the ministry. So often my wife and I look back and think how we don’t deserve and how so unlikely a couple we are to lead such a wonderful church family here at Full Gospel. 

The work is growing and the one thing that is also encouraging is that we are seeing in the lives of our people the growth and maturity that we have longed to see for so long. Our TEACH Bible Training Centre is turning over the next world changers and nation shakers, we are also so glad to have join our Training and Teaching teams a great addition in Dr Charles Kazumba. Looking into the near future we see the Lord coming in power to us to close out this year, with November being a month with two schools being run in our church. First School will be a Saturation Apostolic Prophetic School with Prophet Jimmy Kellett from Valparaiso, Florida a sion from Bill Hamon’s ministry. 

The second School we will be running will be our Leaders Apostolic Prophetic School with Apostle Richard Routie out of Orlando Florida. In addition to that we are going to Dr Apostle Michael Scantlebury of Dominion Life, from BC Canada.wand also Apostle Elhadj Diallo from Calgary, Crosspointe Fellowship. 

I had a promise from the Lord just today that the last part of this year will be the best part of the year for the church and that includes the church worldwide. I recently read about Samson’s life and it so encouraged me that it does not always matter how you start but it really matters how you end. So end this year and make it count for your life and the ministry and your family or your business.


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