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Conversation With God!

Date: 17-May-2018 | Author: Pastor Norman Rawlings | Comments: 0

“My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up” (Ps 5:3; KJV). Here’s the best way to start your day; this verse perfectly illustrates that prayer is a two-way conversation with God. King David directs his prayer to God and looks up, or waits to hear from God’s heart. You don’t have to follow any set rules for prayer, and you don’t need to try and pray like some other person that you admire. God just wants us to pray from our heart in faith (Mark 11:24) and be ourselves; that simple. We know that Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer, and if it was important for him, then how much more so for us. We also learn from John 16:23 that we should pray to God the Father in Jesus name; and if we pray according to God's will then we will receive what we ask for (1 John 5:14,15). There are many positive results from developing a prayer life, the main one being that we will get to know God better and we will therefore become more like him.


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