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Everyday Familiar Routines...

Date: 04-Oct-2018 | Author: Apostle Terry Noel | Comments: 0

What do you do when your everyday familiar routines you took for granted is taken away from you.? 

Joshua 1:1-18

I imagine the children of Israel got familiar with having Moses around everyday answering all their life questions. It was Him they trusted to bring them out of the entrapment and enslavement and bondage they had been in. They obviously welcomed the deliverance and freedom under his leadership.

But when you are called by God to lead you really have nobody else to listen to. He had his ears tuned to someone outside of the natural realm and saw things not from a natural but from a supernatural. Most often people including those who claim a committed relationship with God are focused on the things they see with their natural eyes and hear with the natural ears. Rarely you will find those who can see the supernatural and hearing the spirit.

My question is how is your hearing and seeing?


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