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How's Your Steering?

Date: 10-May-2018 | Author: Pastor Norman Rawlings | Comments: 1

How’s your steering? In chapter 1 and verse 5 of the book of Proverbs, a part of the Old Testament of the Bible, it is written: “The wise also will hear and increase in learning, and the person of understanding will acquire skill and attain to sound counsel [so that he may be able to steer his course rightly]” (AMP).

We need to make wise decisions in order to drive down the right road of life. That’s why it’s so important to read at least something from Proverbs every day. Prov. 2:4 says to search for wisdom; that indicates that we have to put some effort onto it. Prov. 9:11 says that wisdom will cause us to enjoy many days and a long-life span. Prov. 8:35 says that if we find wisdom we will find life and favor from God.

There are many more benefits of wisdom described in the book of Proverbs; try underlining them in your Bible, meditate on them and see yourself develop in this area.

Gods wisdom will give you power steering.


David commented on 10-May-2018 07:32 PM
Great word of wisdom, Pastor

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