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IF We Are His People Will We Humble Ourselves Part 2

Date: 09-Feb-2011 | Author: Pastor Terry Noel | Comments: 0
Picture: Woman Praying | Picture credit to Anna Gutermuth of Flickr

Picture: Woman Praying | Picture credit to Anna Gutermuth of Flickr


I would like to take this time to encourage and stir you on in the things of God. I would like to share with you from the Word of God . If you are reading this on our website and would like to know more about how to become a christian we would love to give you the chance to receive Jesus into your heart and life. 

If You Do Not Know Jesus As Lord And Saviour You Can Ask Him Into Your Life Today And Find That Place Beside Him His Waiting For You To Call Thats right Go Ahead and Call On Him. 

Jesus Wants To Come Into Your Heart and Life No Matter Who You Are and From Whatever Religion You Are There’s A Place Right Beside God For You. We know that there have been so many well meaning people who have made this free gift of God so difficult and complicated yet God has made it so simple to receive Him into ones life and secure a place with Him for eternity. There are those who have made it a life long vocation to analyze and cut up the Word and then leave the Power of the Gospel right out of it and all that is left is a form of Godliness but no power. 

“Jesus said to whomsoever will come unto Him” not unto a church building or particular brand of church or denomination or ideas or philosophy. You could pray a simple prayer wherever you are you do not have to be in a particular building but right where you are you could ask Jesus to come into your heart and cleanse you of your sin and wash you from it and make you a brand new creature and that start you on a new life down here on earth and for eternity. I hope you reading this will take some time to do just that and if you did send us an email and let us know that you have prayed that prayer and how we can help you further with your new life in Jesus we have access to many materials and resources that could help along with growing and becoming a mature christian in Jesus Christ.

Last week I covered several areas for our contemplation and prayer concerning the text used in my discourse with our Saskatoon Full Gospel church. In the opening it says that we who are called His people and called by His name that is a clear message for those who identified with God and His work. There is always a need for preparation when desiring Revival and we covered last week one of the main ingredients for Revival is the word found here in our text HUMBLE. Then we went on to discuss the second ingredient for a Heaven sent Revival and that being the most important of all PRAYER, in essence, HUMILITY in action. 

This week we covered the call to PASSION its no secret people live with many passions that consume their lives and some of these passions lead to trouble and thats why in our text we looked at how a Godly Passion is what is needed and available. Someone once said that the true measure of a man is not seen in what he wears or what he drives or even where he lives but rather in WHAT OBJECTS HE PURSUES. Whatever has your attention will eventually have you and then where will you be then. A.W. Tozer said “If we yearned after God even as much as a cow yearns for her calf we would be the worshipping and believers God wants us to be. One of the shortcomings of our modern day church is the lack of desire and passion in the church for God. We have no shortage in teachings and preaching on subjects like desiring stuff and watching our leaders model it before us but when it comes to desiring God its another story. It is said we live in a time with a generation that is Mosaic by that we mean a generation that has many different passions and desires are many. Finally we are called to Purity to return to or repent from and forsake the way that has gotten us so far out of touch with the living God. 

The church has raised a generation of believers that resent the word REPENT or REPENTANCE because we have mentality today that to admit we were wrong that would make losers or failures. No one wants to feel like they are lacking or have come short in some areas we all want to feel like we have it all together and thats why its hard to help in the current situation because we cannot get help for what we will not admit to. But if you know anything about our all forgiving God we you will know that He says in the word that” He will forgive anyone who will confess their sin” (1 John 1:8-10) Sin will always hinder you from prayer and Prayer will almost always keep you from sinning. I like the way our text ends it says then I will hear from heaven and heal their land.


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