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Jesus Is Coming To Church

Date: 18-Oct-2018 | Author: Pastor Norman Rawlings | Comments: 0

In reading the books of Exodus and Leviticus lately I have been impressed by God's order and detail in his commands for the design and preparation of the tabernacle and the system of sacrifices and offerings. The dress for the priests was specified in detail and they were to be purified and sanctified to appear before him in the tabernacle or they risked death. Two of Aaron's sons disobeyed God and failed to follow his instructions and as a result fire came from God and consumed them (Lev 10:1-3). God required obedience with the sacrifices; only the very best, with no blemish, was acceptable.

We serve a mighty, awesome God who deserves our praise, worship, obedience, reverence and honor. We do not live under the Old Testament law, as a legalistic system of requirements (Rom 6:14) but as born-again Christians, we have a new spirit in relationship with God and his Spirit dwells in us (John 3:5-7; 14:16-17). As such, his life in us makes us want to walk in obedience to him (Rom 2:14-15). We are exhorted to do all things as unto God (Col 3:23). God looks at the heart (1Sam 16:7) and if our heart is right before him we will naturally want to walk in obedience, love and awesome fear and respect before him; giving God the honor he deserves.

If Jesus was coming to church next Sunday, in the flesh, as a visible person, how would we present ourselves? Would we be in church, would we be on time? Would we prepare our hearts beforehand and repent of any sin or unforgiveness? Would we be well prepared and carefully organized to honor him? Would we bring our best offering? Would we come to love and adore him from our hearts and hang onto his every word? Would we come in love and forgiveness towards others?

Jesus is in church, in us, every Sunday; let's give him the honor he deserves.


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