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Love Starved Hearts Create Hate Filled Hearts

Date: 28-Sep-2010 | Author: Pastor Terry Noel | Comments: 0
Picture of the world | Picture Credit to DonkeyHotey of Flickr

Picture of the world | Picture Credit to DonkeyHotey of Flickr

Bible tells us in 1 John 4:7-16 that Love is of God among other things that are covered in that portion of scripture. I am always amazed at how people are always looking in the wrong places for the Love so desperately needed by love starved hearts. 

When the God of the bible is standing waiting to fill the hearts of men with the true Love that satisfies all men and woman. One question that arises from Loved starved hearts is how do you spell Love? We spell Love by how we express it and live it not by putting four letters together of the alphabet in the right sequence. There are too many to mention examples of disastrous consequences of misdirected and inadequate Love all around us. 

Teenage girls whose parents have given themeverything but the gift of their presence and Love so we find them looking in all the wrong places for the parental Love that never came through all the stuff bought and heaped upon except what was truly needed. A battered spouse victimized and beaten consistently by the very person who earlier stood before God and witnesses and a clergy man pledging their undying Love. 

The church is not exempt from this situation as it tries to figure out just where it went wrong and how to fix the idea coming from it concerning the idea of Love instead of a church torn by jealousy in fighting and misplaced priorities. The world over is watching and wanting to know how to spell Love and also our own children are waiting and watching.

A suggestion would be for us to spell Love with TRUST that accepts the risks, and with INVOLVEMENT, that is willing to share and with COMMITMENT that stays until the finish.

TRUST: Love without TRUST is not genuine Love. “The Bible says that Love believes all things”.
INVOLVEMENT: Love is also involvement that is willing to share.
COMMITMENT: The first Love goes unnourished until, afflicted with emotional and spiritual malnutrition.

True Love of the Father can be found in this one point: Love is of God….In this the Love of God was made manifest among us that God sent His Only son into the world so we ( all of mankind )might live through him.

Theres a Love available for all who read this and wonder if this LOVE is possible and available TODAY. Ask Him into your heart and life TODAY.


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