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Mission Trip to India 2014

Date: 22-Oct-2014 | Author: Shaun Salen | Comments: 0

Saskatoon Full Gospel Mission Team

In September 2014 Saskatoon Full Gospel sent a team to India. Basing out of the city of Gudivada in the Andhra Pradesh state the SFGC team consisting of Apostle Terry Noel, Nerisa Villegas and Shaun Salen set out on a three part mission. 1. to officially open a church build in the remote regions of Andhra Pradesh an SFGC has sponsored project. 2) Graduate the class of 2014 from the Karunia Bible Institute to which Apostle Terry Noel is International Dean. 3) To deliver 10 bikes to local pastors that are in the remote regions of India.

India as a country is a very diverse place both in religion and terrain. The predominant religion in india is Hindu and the main language is Hindi. The landscape of India can range from the famed Himalayan mountains to flood planes that produce a astounding 20% of the worlds rice. In Gudivada of the Andhra Pradesh State the primary language is Telugu. Gudivada at one time boasted the highest amount of temples per capita in all of India. India holds one sixth of the world's entire population and is speculated to be the most populated country in the the world by 2025. Christianity consists of only 2.3% of the population and has some threat of the future governments to make India 100% A Hindu country.

Saskatoon Full Gospel successfully opened the church in the very remote village in region of Andhra Pradesh a area that has heard the gospel for the first time only a few years earlier. The bikes have gone out to 10 pastors that will push deeper in to India to even more villages that have never heard the gospel. By partnering with local ministries and being support on multiple levels Saskatoon Full Gospel is playing there part in changing lives for the kingdom.


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