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Mission Trip to Latin America

Date: 17-Jun-2011 | Author: Pastor Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Landfill | Picture credit to Justin Ritchie of Flickr

Dear friends its good to be able to communicate back again especially with those of you our regular readers that look forward to the WEEKLY WALK IN THE WORD. 

As you are aware I spent the last two weeks away in Latin America with several of church members on a short term mission trip. Our trip was not just for preaching and teaching but also much physical work like renovations on the orphanage making it livable and making sure the kids have proper toilets and showers. The ministry times were intense as everyday we had time to go and share the Love of Jesus with what seemed like a whole community of people who live in Garbage dump or as we call it here N America a landfill. 

This place is the most deplorable and depressing to go to because kids are born into this environment thinking this is normal kids as young as two years old with hardly any clothes on picking what valuable they can find in the garbage. They mimick what they see the older ones do there is no schooling for these kids living here off the dump there is no visible health coverage available if one of them should cut themselves or hurt themselves as they rush to the top of garbage pile as new garbage is brought into this dump. 

Most of those who dwell here look as though have long since had and encounter with water and soap they have very little clothing on their bodies. So when we arrive with clothes and toys for the little ones there is s great big rush and push to get in front of the line to grab even if the clothes do not fit they force it on. We also provided a hot meal which we served out of the back of truck owned by one of the local Pastors who has taken this ministry to the dump dwellers very serious. 

Anyhow we had great opportunities to minister for the Lord to be the hands and feet to the impoverished and destitute in the evening we saw several powerful creative miracles take place give you just one example they brought to a young man of 12 or 13 who been deaf from birth and the Lord totally opened his deaf ears. As a result everywhere we traveled people brought the deaf and sick and those tormented by evil spirits for prayer and the Lord did not disappoint their expectancy. 

Another supernatural even that took place that I can only describe as sovereign is when we met with about 60 Pastors and leaders for a training session and after the training we waited on the Lord before we knew it the Holy Spirit descended on that place baptized everyone present with His presence and power those who had never received they believed that night received there were bodies all over the floor of the church and nobody wanted to move five hours later.  

I will be posting some of the pictures from our trip as well as some of the footage as soon as I can possibly get round to doing it problem with going away like I did things pile up on you and it becomes a race to catch up.


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