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Moving On After Making Bad Decisions

Date: 14-Jun-2011 | Author: Pastor Terry Noel | Comments: 0

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Ruth 1:6-18 The story of Ruth could easily be our story and by that I mean every born again believer can identify with Ruth and the misfortune she had. So often we have great ideas of how we think things should come out at the end but they very often do not come out as we planned with all our modern technological advances there are still those situations we have to admit that the Lord only knows the outcome. 

So its better always to put our trust in a God who set everything that is in motion and everything is still doing exactly what He said it would do( John1:1-5).  The book of Genesis 1: records how it all started and how it was all spoken into existence and still stands today with all of the destructive nature of the unregenerate man we can still see the handiwork of our supreme God there is no other God like our God who is all powerful. 

The book of Ruth starts with tragedy but ends like all stories end when the almighty God is allowed to do what only He can do it ends in Victory. If you are reading this WEEKLY WALK and are at the point of wondering whether you will be able to come out on top when all you can see in front of you is defeat and destruction. I have one word for you and that is all you ever need is found only in the Lord Jesus and if you do not know the Lord Jesus as Lord and Saviour then you should ask Him into your heart and life as soon as you can and see the difference your life will take on. 

Ruth was a moabite woman and she would have had to suffer many things in her life as do many of us today with prejudice and racism and things like that because she was not part of a particular group that felt they had exclusive rights to God. Today there are still those who feel they have the only rights to the living God and always try to make people feel like they do not have a right to the living God by putting in all kinds of rules and regulations and taking people back into a life of living by the Law. I find and interesting story because there are 3 widows in this story and only one widows story ends with a real happy and lasting end. All three widows lost husbands understanding that husbands were the ones who were charged with providing for their wives and families. 

I know I have lost things living in this life some of the things I lost were hard to move on with my life from and there are still those things that I lost I find myself at times thinking on those things. I am sure there are those of you out there who are reading this and have lost something precious and dear to you and have not been able to move on with your life because that thing or things you lost was an integral part of who you are. But my friends in Jesus we can find the strength to move on with our lives in spite of how dear or precious the loss was. 

Understanding that God has something more waiting for us just beyond the storm we have had to go through and our story proves just that point. You know the bible is such an awesome book and amazing source of strength for those of us struggling with loss because in its pages we can find those of old who have have triumphed over just about every setback. In the bible we have recorded the very acts of God and the very opportunities God wants to introduce us to so much more by revealing to us the ways God has worked in days gone by but also there is also the things about God that just don’t change because He is a unchanging God in fact the scripture says His the same yesterday today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). 

The decision to leave their home and land to travel into the country of Moab was the husband of Naomi and this decision would prove to be a decision that would be a costly one. Everyday we are brought to a place of decision and we had better be praying for guidance when making decisions that will alter the way of your current state. I have saying a that I share with my leaders and church that” you never make a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances” and that decisions that are considered “LIFE ALTERING DECISIONS” need to be saturated in prayer before moving on the decision. Faced with a famine the husband thought it a good idea and decision to move the family to the country of Moab and left Bethlehem and in so doing he brought death to himself and his two sons. These three woman are paying the price for the sin of the leader of the family all the lead widow has to show for her time in Moab is three tombstones. All three ladies respond to their situation they find themselves in very different ways and their responses are lessons for us for today( Ruth 1:8-13).  

One widow was in a place of defeat: Naomi represents for us or symbolizes a christian grown cold or backslidden in the faith. In (Ruth 1:verse 13) we see the cause of her defeat she had such a sense of dismay and if we looked at verses (Ruth 1:1-5) therein lies the actual cause of her defeat. Sin is always costly the bible says that wages of sin is death and even today it still stands true. One widow is ready to move on and Depart: (Ruth 1:14-15) This widow represents someone who turns back from serving God and turns back to a life of sin and living for the world. returning to her relatives and religion and her reality. One Widow is in the a place to make a Decision: ( Ruth 1:15-18) This widow represents those of who were sinners and see the potential for a life that is filled with promise and we lay hold of it with everything we have. She is symbolic of those of us who have come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour and walk by Faith, not only do we leave a family and people behind but we also inherit a new family and land. 

Ruth is one of the widows we learn from that when you put your trust in the almighty and powerful God He will always come through for you. She decide to follow and decided to walk by faith into this new life and land she chose LIFE over DEATH. 

The question I believe that needs to be asked today of churches and believers alike is which one of these widows best describes your life and your church. Can your church move on after making bad decisions and can you as a believer move beyond your last mistake and loss into what God has been trying to get to you for awhile. 

I sincerely hope that you would answer the question honestly and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our office or website through our contact details and we can see how can help you or steer you in the right direction to recovery of all that you have lost. 



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