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South Africa Mission

Date: 13-Jan-2015 | Author: Apostle Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Saskatoon Full Gospel Media

In October 2014 Saskatoon Full Gospel sent a team to South Africa. 

What a joy to reinforce what God is doing in the Mission in Pretoria, South Africa led by our Apostolic leaders Dr. Mandla and Pastor Sarah Chawane. This church was planted some 12 years ago by both of them as a response to the call of God in their lives. Every year they have a Thanksgiving Conference that attracts people from all around the immediate cities and towns, and as well as those from further away such as; Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, and Zambia and those of who travelled from North America. They have a regular attendance of about 1200 people attending throughout the Conference.

This Conference just like many other Conferences was like no other, God truly showed his power and his might through things little and small. Many lives were changed and transformed not only for the moment but for a lifetime and through this we've heard so many testimonies from people of God's wonderful miracles and provision.


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