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Date: 06-May-2020 | Author: BMI Media | Comments: 1

EVERY SUNDAY @ 10:00am on Bridge Ministry International Facebook....

We have chosen to close our doors for our normal Sunday Services at BMI. Please Note "short term" as we continue to believe this will only get better and not worse. We will review this decision week to week and we will keep everyone informed. We will be posting ministry content online thru this time. This does not mean ministry stops! Remember YOU are the church! The Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you 24/7 as does the POWER that he promised. Choose FAITH and be on the lookout for how you can continue to spread the love of Christ. Choose to take this time to draw closer to God. Jesus spoke peace in the midst of the storm. This is the mindset we choose to take we continue to walk THROUGH the storm. Mark 4:39


Anonymous commented on 22-Mar-2020 07:08 AM
Thank you -
What time is it?
How and what do we do to watch it?

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