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The Lord's Church

Date: 03-Sep-2013 | Author: Pastor Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin | Picture credit to Etrusia UK of Flickr

Mathew 16:16-18 The Lord has been gracious and kind to us as we continue our steadfastness toward the goal He has set for the Saskatoon Full Gospel Church. This week we had our second lesson in the custom house that the Lord is building in the earth for His glory and to be one of many access points in the earth. 

The church that Jesus said He was building is not complicated or difficult to find in the earth in spite of the many churches springing up all over the world. There churches that are appearing who do not appreciate the church Jesus said He was building they feel they have add to it or renovate it to their liking. But that might be the reason so many will be left behind when Jesus comes for His church He will not recognize many of our churches we are building today. 

We have churches that today promote a way of life that is so contrary to what Jesus had said before going to be with the father. I have a passion to see a church built to the exact description Jesus left for us before Him returning to His place alongside the father. A church firstly passionate for the presence of God and then a passion for what God is passionate about and that of course is mankind coming back to Himself. I believe that the church has a Nature it has a Purpose and lastly it has a very distinct Function in the earth today. The very nature of thing should describe to us the very Essence of that thing or entity or the underlying character of that thing. And the nature of the church as Jesus had set it up to be seems to me has been wrong and that has caused many to question what is the nature of the church. Because there are so many churches out there with such a different church nature it makes you wonder is this the same church Jesus set up. 

I think being that the Nature of a thing speaks to its very chore or Essence you would expect for the church to have at lead one thing in common around the world. But we find churches all around the world vastly different and must cause unbelievers to also wonder about the church, some other religions if you were on any continent and visited one of their places of worship you would find they all have the same nature. Seems to me the church has been highjacked by a few influential people who have made it more difficult for ordinary people to to access what God has paid for with the blood of His only son Jesus. 

I want to make sure those who God has placed under my care get to understand the Nature of the church as Jesus has set it up and the very Essence of what it means to be in a church. I think as leaders we have an obligation to the people God has placed in our care and one of those responsibilities is to make sure we all know what kind of church Jesus is building. And then start to get involved in the kind of church He is building as the epistle of 1Peter says we are all living stones so God not only wants us as part of the building but also wants us to build with Him. I think that is so awesome that the God of all that is wants us to work with Him in building His church that my friends I think is priceless. 

Im excited and encouraged by what the Lord is about to bring to pass on the earth which He spoke in times past we as believers today get to see the fulfillment of every word He spoke from His mouth. A church should be a place where people can come out from the storms of life find rest for how ever long and then be able to go out and take on their world. It should be a place where healing’s and deliverance happens on a regular basis and not just special occasions a place where the gifts of the Holy Spirit have freedom to move and bring Jesus to bear on the situations found in the lives of people attending. Place of empowerment for those who have felt like they were marginalized and pushed to side or to the back of the line. A place where everyone is made to feel equal and shown from scripture that they are just that because of the resident Holy Spirit on the inside of every believer.


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