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The Model Prayer - Part 2

Date: 08-Mar-2013 | Author: Pastor Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Man praying with open bible | Picture credit to Mathieu Jarry of Flickr

Hi everyone hope you all had an awesome week and experienced the Love of a loving father who loves us ongoing. This week I wanted to try and put two lessons up instead of one as I will be travelling and will miss out on uploading. My journeys do not always take me to places where there is readily available Internet services so I cannot take a chance. I am hoping to try to get better with my weekly sharing time which I know many of you enjoy reading. 

So lets take off from where we left off last week on the MODEL PRAYER as found in the gospel of Luke11: This week I want to speak about the next word which in the old King James Version is “hallowed be thy name” In today’s world so much is changing and one of the areas that are changing is the language. The holy is taken and profaned with very little consideration for the results that come from profaning holy things. I believe our world is in the mess in many areas because we have not held the line on keeping what is holy, HOLY. People use and take the name of The Lord Jesus in vain without any blink of an eyelid or any sense of crossing a line. I would have to admit we the preachers and pastors as well as the tea hers of the bible have done a bad job with driving home those kinds of teachings our pulpits just ring with lessons on watered down topics. 

Topics that will hardly cause a sinner to sit up and pay attention or to consider his ways. I know this and am very aware that ” to whom much is given mush will be required” and I am included in that I too will not escape the giving of an account of my stewardship. First take a look with me at the word Hallowed it to Render or to be venerable or to acknowledge. When I listen to some people and how they use the name of Jesus in between cursing as though it fit there or when they use the name of Jesus in a fit or fury. In the Ten Commandments it was me very clear to Moses by the God who gave it to him that we were not to take the name of The Lord in vain. And thing I think sometimes people see the Ten Commandments as the ten suggestions. And there is so much in a name as you go back in time you find out people gave a lot of consideration to naming their children before they named them. Today it seems who ever is the most popular the children are given names that have a lot of meaning and is it any wonder when the children turn out to be anything but good. When you call that child by a name that has a meaning that child will be acting out what you called it and by default become what you called his name. 

I remember as a rebellious teen in school we all had seasons we went through and one seasons my friends started calling me Terry the Terror, guess what my daily desire was to do, you guessed it to terrorize. I wanted to live up to my name and pretty soon we had a group called Terry’s Terrors and all they wanted to do was to do, you guessed it. And so was born one of the most destructive and unproductive seasons of my life, thank God for those in my school who had foresight and saw the good buried deep beneath the lies I had come to accept about my myself. So the moral of the story is be careful what you call your children and name them because they may just want to live to that. Also that the word of The Lord is the final authority and when He says not to take His name in vain He means just that. The lines today have become blurred in what is Holy and to be treated Holy with the lines of what is unholy and profane. It’s time the believers in Christ and the word of God as seen in the bible become real. 

This prayer taught by Jesus to His disciples as per their request for Him to teach them is probably one of the best kept secrets of the New Testament. As we move on to the next phrase let me challenge you our readers please do not make the things that are supposed to be Holy, do not make them profane. Like the bible speaks of our bodies being the living temple of The Lord I cannot bring myself to accept or entertain the thought The Lord would reside of inhabit a temple that is given to unholy things and habits. In looking at the portion we just covered you should be able to come away saying that this shows me the Character of God. Something which the saints of old had a very great understanding of and needs to be our as well. 

It’s also hard for me to see how we can use these word in a prayer and not see that a certain amount desire and devotion is involved. The next part say ” Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done” this speaks to of everything is about Him and not me. His Kingdom speaks of His dominion coming and His rule and reign coming. And that needs not only be something that is to come in the future but also in the present in our lives. There is nothing. More powerful on the earth as bunch believers who have caught the revelation of what it means to have the RIGHTEOUS RULE AND REIGN of God in our lives. When was the last time you invited Him to really rule and reign in your life in the here and now not only in some distant time. Christians who have allowed His rule and reign to be the normal way of living are some of the peaceful people living on the planet. 

Let me put it like this no matter what comes at you or to you bad or good a believer who is at rest in The Lord as their Heavenly Father. Who is seated far above and who rules from a lofty place gives to those who live with their hearts set on Him have no fear anxiety or worry or restlessness. So my challenge for us this next two weeks is to pray God give me a fresh revelation of what the disciples received when they received it from Jesus. They must have went out from Him elated and started to pray that prayer every opportunity they had. Only they prayed it with much passion and expectation as well as enthusiasm. 

I remember growing up and going to a public school that made us recite this Model Prayer which they called the Lords Prayer. I could never understand why they called it His prayer when the disciples were the ones who inherited it. I had no relationship or even any knowledge of this Lord Jesus I was praying a prayer that He had taught His disciples. I had it so well memorized I could say it at anytime of the day but had no idea how to touch heaven if my life depended upon it and sometimes it did. 

So I will say for now till next time. 



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