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Time Has Come for a Cutting Edge Church

Date: 24-Jun-2013 | Author: Pastor Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Axe in the forest | Picture credit to coconinoco of Flickr

As always its my joy to come to our weekly readers and regular partners who support the ministry and who are praying for us. I was pondering this week gone by a thought that goes like this: why are our north american churches so powerless. And a scripture was dropped into my heart and I believe it speaks to the situation we find ourselves in this region with so much materially. 

Its amazing how we can have so much resource materially and yet have so little when it comes to spiritual things. Now I should say this that in my travels I have not seen any places that surpass the amount of spiritual literature and resources as we have here in north america. Having said that I should say this there are many places that I have travelled and seen the power of God move in mighty manifestations. I have yet to see the manifest presence of God revealed on this continent as I have witnessed on other continents. So having said all that above to say that I have come to conclusion that we need the church of Jesus to get her axehead back. To me its as though we have been working the work of seemingly God without an axehead, we have been using just the handle of the axe. We should all know that has got to be the reason we find so much frustration in the church, we are busy with activity but not accomplishing very much. (2 Kings 6:1-7) I find in this portion of scripture where one of the sons of the prophet had been using a borrowed axe to cut down some trees and loses the axehead. 

Its so like the church the son of the prophet is cutting and is very busy going about what he was asked to do. I think we have lost our axehead in the church of north america and the tragedy many of our churches are oblivious of the fact that we have no axehead on the axe handle. You see the handle of the axe represents our ability to control where we want to chop with the axehead. And it seems to me that many of our churches are more concerned and are preoccupied with the control than the reason for the axe in the first place. The reason for the axehead and the handle is to provide the person using the axe the ability to be precise when cutting and to able to pick exactly where to lay the cutting edge of the axe. 

Living in a country and region where an axe has become common for the many trees we have here but any lumber jack will tell you that an axe is only worth something if the cutting edge is sharp and attached to its handle. We continue on with our programmes as normal because that whats expected of us and that what brings in the almighty dollar week after week to pay the bills. But honestly is that what church is supposed to be about just getting together and running all kinds of services and programmes for the faithful. We dare not change it lest we find ourselves in trouble with those who pay the bills as it were. in these verses I presented above for our text a couple of things come to mind that should cause us to stop and think. 

(1) the young man had the sense enough to realize that the axehead had come off and he went and cried out to the main man of God the prophet Elisha. I think if we are gonna be a people who want to see things turn around in our churches and as a result affect our communities for good, then we are to first acknowledge we have lost it. Its like the alcoholic who has to come to terms with the fact that he is an alcoholic and must admit first to himself before he can get the help needed. Its no good playing the proverbial ostrich role that we stick our head in the ground and hope the problem will go away, so much of the ostrich remains above ground and visible to its attackers. 

(2) The next thing about this young man he realized that if he continued on without an axehead on the handle it would do more harm to him physically than to the tree his supposed to be cutting down. The axehead was also a borrowed one and was a very valuable tool at the time of this bible recorded story. The axehead represents for us as believers what the Lord Jesus has sent to the aid of the church in Holy Spirit. 

Without the work of the holy Spirit we cannot achieve very much for the lord we would spend enormous amounts of energy in futility. Sadly this has become the story of our modern northern American church that we are a part of in this year 2013. Many churches doing and being busy without the Holy Spirit thinking that it will result in lives and communities affected for good when all the time its has become an exercise in futility. When are going to learn that work and busyness minus the Holy Spirit is just man playing god. 

Its time for us to cry out to the Lord who has in a sense given to us a charge that might be considered borrowed power in the person of the Holy spirit.



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