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Time Has Come for a Cutting Edge Church - Part 2

Date: 15-Jul-2013 | Author: Pastor Terry Noel | Comments: 0

Axe on a wood stump | Picture credit to Ted Murphy of Flickr

The axehead as I said in the first part of this lesson represents to us as believers the ability to get a job done without much stress. Like a tradesman working with the right tools makes for a job well done and a tradesman without the right tools we have all kinds of outcomes as a result. 

In the scripture text found in our last lesson from 2 Kings 6:1-7 we found that there are lessons for us today that can be applied and also some lessons that should awaken us to action. In this lesson I see that firstly it grieved the son of the prophet who borrowed the axe and while using it dropped it in the water. Couple of things come to my mind when I read this account firstly it was borrowed and not his own and during the time of this period in history I am pretty sure there could not have been many axes made from iron. Which places a great value on the axehead and I am reminded of the great value of the salvation provided for every human being by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Also that with His death and resurrection the release of the Holy Spirit came to provide for mankind the right tools to be able to live a life of victory down here on the earth. 

When receiving of the Holy Spirit we receive also the capacity to become more like Jesus and cultivate the character of Jesus needed for loving humanity the way Jesus loved humanity enough to die for them. Its what our bibles calls the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the bible also tells us that there are gifts of the Holy Spirit and that is where most believers want to camp out. The gifts of the Holy Spirit always gets the attention of the masses in our churches because of what can be done through them and the attention they draw to ourselves. We get to feel important when we are being used of the Holy Spirit and we become vessels of change and hope, its easy to think we have the power and we are doing things by our own power. Most do not give much attention to developing or cultivating the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, yet its the thing that we all should be working hard at because I think it best shows the life of Jesus in us. So in saying all that let me say that our axehead is the one thing needed for the work we do today in the ministry our churches have to come back to place where we are flowing with what the Holy Spirit puts on hearts and life. 

The treasures we have within are worth more than any treasures we can find on the outside or in some store as we search through life and travel the many roads that life takes us on. Another thing that grabbed my attention about the son of the prophet was that not only was it borrowed but the borrower must have great faith in him to entrust him with so great an object of value. We hardly can find people today who would willingly trust you with thing of less value and things that do not have great worth attached to them. But this story tells us that this son of the prophet a young man was able to get the trust of the owner of this valuable tool and that is what got to me. That the Lord Jesus would entrust us with the most valuable commodity that heaven had to offer and that was the life given by Jesus in sacrifice for the world and then to send to the church His Holy Spirit. 

I think we are the most privileged people on the face of the earth when we are sometimes talking about wealth and worth we are always faced with pictures of money and things like jewels and possessions. But true wealth and worth are sometimes cloaked as things such as not seen with the naked eyes and not necessary monetary or earthly wealth. The other important thing about the son of the prophet is that he had this grief about losing someone else stuff and was not going to let it just be lost and do nothing about it. He sought out the older prophet Elsisha and told him what had happened and the prophet obviously saw how upset he was about losing the axehead and asked him to show him Elisha where the axehead was lost. I think in our churches today we will never experience true Revival until we are ready to weep over our condition repent for it and turn around from where we came and return there. I sincerely believe today we could have a heaven sent Revival from the Lord if we would admit our sin and wrong and return to the place where we lost our axehead. 

Our churches and the christian landscapes are full of once on fire believers who now can only eek out a mere form of Godliness but deny the power there of. I felt like when I read through this passage and shared it with our church that the Lord was speaking to me firstly and then wanted me to speak to our church about coming back to the place where we lost it. The joy of many has gone the peace once experienced by so many is gone and passion that so many moved in and great desire of many has waxed cold. The prophet Elisha asked the son of the prophet to show him where he had lost the axehead and upon arriving the prophet Elisha cut down a branch from a tree and cash it in the water and the axehead floated. So much could be said right here, but one thing is that the prophet Elisha represents the God of mercy who will do the impossible for the repentant heart. You see in this present day church world that we are living we have been made to believe that we can just call a phone number and someone on the other side will just pray a prayer and everything will be just fine. I have come to believe that if we want something from God we have to personally go God for it and not have a proxy otherwise we have become like so many religionists. 

When I read a scripture like 1 John 1:9 that says that God is faithful yes but that we must confess our sin or fault, and He will forgive us. And that what I see in the story of our text the son of the prophet had to do for himself what God expects, and then the prophet Elisha tells him the son of the prophet to pick it up. Which speaks to the fact that there is something in returning to God that can only be done by the individual and not by some proxy on the other side of the phone. My heart breaks for the scores of believers who have been led to believe that they can have a mediator made from flesh and blood when the bible tells us there is only mediator between man and God, and that is Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5).  

Jesus is waiting for you to cry out like the son of the prophet did, Jesus is waiting for you to grieve for the condition you are in, Jesus is waiting for you to go back to where you lost your axehead, and lastly Jesus waits for you to pick up what you have lost. Could be your passion for prayer, serving, hospitality, giving, witnessing, singing, teaching, preaching, whatever its is the wood needed for you to arise has already been stained with blood on the hill of Calvary. Shalom


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