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What's In Your Hand?

Date: 10-Jan-2019 | Author: Pastor Norman Rawlings | Comments: 0

God met with Moses in the desert at the burning bush and told him he would send him to bring Israel out of Egypt (Ex 3). Moses did not feel adequate for the job and did not feel the people of Israel would listen to him. God asked Moses what it was that he had in his hand. He told Moses to throw down his rod and it turned in to a snake (Ex 4:1-4). God said this will be a sign to the unbeliever. God used Moses mightily to deliver his people.

Often, we doubt our abilities and the giftings God has given us; we want God to do it all for us. God wants us to have faith in him but he wants us to do our part and often asks what we have got that he can use?

Elisha ministered to a destitute widow and asked her, what she had in her house (2 Kings 4:1-7)? It was only a pot of oil. He told her to borrow vessels to pour oil into. The oil poured until the last vessel was full and so she had oil to sell. The miracle was only limited by the number of vessels.

Elijah challenged a widow to use her last oil and flour to feed him and when she did God caused the oil and flour to miraculously last and feed the widow and her son throughout a long period of famine (1 Kings 17:8-16).

What has God given you that you can use for his glory, to get the job done, to meet your needs? God made us and gifted us; we all have a rod or some oil he can use. We are all important and loved by him; he wants to care for us and he has things for all of us to do to further his kingdom


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