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With Heart

Date: 01-Jan-2020 | Author: Pastor's Norman And Jean Rawlings | Comments: 0

Sometimes when I listen to amazing music I am moved; I imagine that the composer must have been inspired by God. I realize that I am not merely listening with my physical ears but with my heart, my spirit. So often we listen but we do not hear; we look but we do not see. Why is this? It’s because we only hear with our physical ears and see with our physical eyes (Isa 6:9-10).

We need to see and hear as God himself does, with our spirit, our heart (1 Sam 16:7; Luke 24:32). This is when God can speak to us Spirit to spirit (Prov 20:27; Rom 8:16), through his word (John 14:26; Rom 2:15), through people (Prov 11:14), his creation (Rom 1:20) and music he inspires. This is when we can be truly changed. How often we do not change when we hear so much of God’s word and see and hear so much of him but only with our physical ears and eyes.

For a few moments in our busyness we need to try to focus on God, on heaven, and leave our soul to rest. Allow God to arrest you, envelope you in his peace and love you, speak to your heart and change you from glory to glory, holiness to holiness. I encourage you to close your eyes, listen to some of your favorite music, gaze at a beautiful picture or simply enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and meditate on the goodness of God. Allow him to speak to you and truly impact and change you. My, how the church needs truly changed Christians, people sold out for him.



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