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Women of Valor Conference 2014 Round-up

Date: 17-Sep-2014 | Author: Masesi Masilela | Comments: 0

Women praying together at the Women of Valor Conference 2014

The weekend of September 5-6 was marked with the manifest presence of God. Women from all walks of life and provinces came together for the Saskatoon Full Gospel Church annual Women of Valor conference hosted by Pastor Fiona Noel. Our theme was “In the Presence of the King”. Our conference speakers were:

  1. Member of Parliament Kelly Block
  2. The first lady of The Kingdom Living Ministries in Durban, South Africa, Pastor Vanessa Ross
  3. The first lady of Crosspointe Fellowship in Calgary, Alberta. Pastor Nadia Diallo

Below are the snippets of the conference.

Member of Parliament Kelly Block

As a member of parliament, she finds rest in knowing that God is omnipresent, meaning that He is everywhere at all times. Although God is always with us, it is obvious that there are times when His presence is with us in greater measure, and we experience God’s intimate presence in a greater capacity. The manifest presence of God is what brings power. God's manifest presence is what changes lives and reveals the glory of God. “Reference Psalm 139:7”

Pastor Vanessa Ross

She elaborated on how we must prepare to go into the King’s presence, how to have a “cunning anointing”

Esther prepared herself to go in before the king. She put on the things that she knew he liked (her royal robes) and the perfume that she knew would get his attention. Prior to becoming queen, Esther had spent a whole year in beauty treatments and in all likelihood the king knew her smell from all others. 

We too must prepare to go into the King’s presence. We must put on our royal robes (the robe of righteousness) and the fragrance of worship. Once the aroma of our worship reaches the King we have His attention and may go into the throne room. When we prepare ourselves to go into the King’s presence like Esther did, we too will find favour “Reference Esther 4:15-16”.

Pastor Nadia Diallo

Spoke about how Esther’s fast was what shifted the favor of the king. The anointing of Esther is one to plead life before the courts of heaven and earth. First she made her plea before the courts of heaven through prayer and fasting. Second, she made petition before the most powerful court of earth. What was written in the name of the king could not be revoked. Most of the known world was under his control, the mightiest empire up to that point of history. The favor of heaven rested upon Esther and she moved the heart of the king.

The anointing of Esther is one of power, authority, and favor. The favor of heaven that is then recognized by the powers of this world. But this favor isn’t for just anything. This favor is for the cry of life on behalf of God’s people. Those who have no voice before the powers of this world. Esther is being raised up in this generation. She is going to be placed in positions of influence where her voice can be heard.


The conference ended on a high note, all the women went on their knees and cried out to God for different nations. The Esther’s cried out for life, for freedom, for mercy, for those who have no voice, for the trafficked millions, for the oppressed peoples, and for God’s people in the midst of persecution.
The anointing of favor fell upon those who will stand before the courts of heaven and earth. The favor that comes from bold obedience and courage. The favor that will rest upon those who fear no one but God.


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